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Real Estate In Portugal

If you want to immigrate to Portugal, buy real estate for a living, or invest in this country, you will definitely resort to the help of realtors. At the same time, it doesn’t matter your goals and budget; for example, you can remotely search for a rented apartment for rent for a D visa or dream of buying a house on the ocean in Portugal. On the other hand, maybe you want to rent a room in Portugal or invest large sums in the Portuguese real estate market. Regardless of your goals, a realtor will become your faithful assistant, working exclusively in your interests.

Who are realtors in Portugal, and what functions do they perform?

The main goal of any real estate agent in Portugal is to represent the client's interests and accompany him during the entire process of buying, selling, or renting real estate, from choosing an object to the conclusion of a transaction with the execution of contracts and relevant legal documents. Therefore, realtors featured on the site in Portuguese are professionals we trust and will be able to help you realize your dream, whether it is buying or renting a property in Portugal.

What are the duties of a realtor in Portugal?

In their work, real estate agents in Portugal will primarily proceed from your goals, budget, and requirements. They will help you find an apartment or house in Portugal for both renting and buying, and they will also help you sell your property in Portugal. The realtor will accompany your process from the initial search for objects up to the signing of the contract of sale.

Here is a shortlist of the main functions that are included in the duties of real estate agents in Portugal:

  • Negotiations with owners and buyers and advising clients on any issues related to the purchase, sale, or rental of housing;
  • Search for specific real estate objects based on the client's request (online or offline);
  • Accompanying clients during their visits to the property (online or offline);
  • Negotiations and conclusion of transactions for the sale or lease of real estate. This may include a complete analysis of all property documents and the involvement of third-party lawyers to draft contracts;
  • Consultations on the promotion of real estate, assistance in creating photo and video content for the sale of objects, as well as their advertising and promotion of specialized resources;
  • Consultations on mortgage lending, assistance in preparing documents for obtaining a mortgage loan, and assistance in negotiations with banks;
  • Assistance in opening a bank account or tax number for foreign clients;
  • Assistance and support in the process of building a house from scratch, starting from the selection of a land plot, hiring contractors, to the complete construction of the house structure;
  • Assistance to investors with the choice of projects with good profitability and for specific purposes, such as receiving a Golden visa in Portugal.

What benefits does a client receive when contacting a realtor in Portugal?

Portuguese realtors perform an essential function in streamlining the buying and selling process and saving time and money for buyers and sellers of real estate in Portugal.

The main advantages of working with a realtor in Portugal we can include the following aspects:

  • A real estate agent knows the Portuguese real estate market thoroughly and understands its specifics, which is especially important if you want to rent or buy a house or apartment in Portugal remotely or do not understand the nuances of the local market.
  • A real estate agent knows how to professionally assess the value of real estate, which for the seller means getting the highest possible price for the object he has, and for the buyer, it means that the actual cost of housing will not deceive you.
  • A real estate agent has a powerful database of contacts, which allows him to quickly help his clients buy or sell real estate of any complexity and cost.
  • The real estate agent has excellent negotiation and bargaining skills. You do not know how to bargain, and selling is not your vital characteristic? Don't worry, because the realtor will do it for you, and you can be sure that with the help of a realtor, you will get the best price for you.
  • A real estate agent makes a professional advertisement for a property for sale. If you want to sell a house or apartment in Portugal, then a realtor will help you take professional photos or videos of your property and place these ads on several hundred specialized portals.

What is the cost of real estate services in Portugal?

In Portugal, the realtor's commission is often paid not by the buyer, who is the main link in this chain, but by the seller of real estate who wants to rent out his apartment. The most common scheme is when the commission is not fixed, but directly depends on the value of the sold property. This commission varies from 3% to 5% when selling a house or apartment in Portugal. At the same time, the property owner pays this commission to the realtor, most often only in case of closing the deal.

If you want to buy a property in Portugal or rent an apartment in Portugal, realtors or real estate agencies will likely ask you to pay a fixed commission for their services to understand that you are serious. At the same time, many realtors and agencies will return this amount to you after the conclusion of the transaction. It is essential to understand what conditions are practiced by the agency or private realtor with whom you are going to cooperate. Therefore, on WithPortugal, you can contact our realtors without leaving the site and find out about the commissions and working conditions that each realtor practices.

Why choose our realtors?

On our site WithPortugal, you can always find several realtors from different regions of Portugal that you can trust.

Here are some reasons to start working with our real estate agents:

Absolute transparency: we work with clients and for clients. You can read hundreds of reviews on our website about working with specialists from different fields, which are recommended by WithPortugal. We are trusted, and we appreciate it!

Realtors from different regions of Portugal: do you want to buy an apartment in Lisbon or buy a house in Porto, or maybe dream of real estate in Madeira or the Azores? Whatever your dream, we have Realtors in every region of Portugal who are not only top-notch professionals but also local residents of the area, allowing them to find the property that suits you best.

Full range of services and turnkey work: we will help you buy or sell property in Portugal, from assistance in opening a bank account to support obtaining a mortgage loan and signing a contract for your new home.

Choosing the right realtor for you: you can choose from several realtors that we trust on our site. Do you want to invest in real estate in Portugal or buy a house on the Atlantic coast? With Portuguese, you will always have the opportunity to choose the realtor that is right for you.

Flexible work online or offline: often, the client cannot come to Portugal, and it is necessary to conduct the entire process online. Don't worry; our realtors will help you buy or rent an apartment in Portugal, no matter where you are.

We speak the same language as you: our realtors not only speak English, Portuguese, Russian and other languages, but most importantly, they speak the same language with you; they hear and understand you, protecting your interests. For our realtors, the client is always a priority.

Here are just a few reasons why we recommend the realtors featured on the site With Portuguese. Do you want to buy, rent or sell property in Portugal? Write to us, and we will select the best realtor for you based on your goals.

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