Personal Assistant in Portugal
Luda Deineko

Personal Assistant in Portugal

Hi, my name is Luda, and I will gladly help you to solve any organizational problem related to moving to Portugal and starting your life here.
The most important criterion in my job for me is getting a positive result within the shortest period of time: in the end, the outcome is what really matters. I believe your first months here should be spent enjoying what Portugal offers and maintaining your best mood.

I provide a range of services and solutions for individual tasks that arise, as well as the services of a personal assistant.

Perhaps, in the process of moving, you have a certain situation that needs to be addressed.
Or you are a busy person who simply needs to focus on business matters.
For example, you need to make a plan for moving and you do not know whom to contact and where to start.
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Examples of the most requested services:

  • Assistance in searching for real estate: rent or purchase
  • Utilities contracts: connecting water, electricity, internet, telephone, security systems, etc.
  • Choosing a bank for a loan, communication with banks to obtain the most favourable loan conditions
  • Organization of moving with transportation of furniture, ordering and meeting furniture, control of logistics and cargo condition
  • Solving various problems related to repairs of any complexity, communication with the condominium
  • Appointment to the doctor, consultations, check-ups, visit to the doctor
  • Payment of bills, taxes when you are out of the country
  • Solving issues and communicating with the insurance services
  • Home maintenance: cleaning services, taking care of plants and animals, purchasing the necessary accessories, etc.
  • Virtual business calendar, flight booking, logistics, business travel organization, accommodation booking, and much more.

My mission is to help you focus on your personal projects and enjoy your new country without going into bureaucratic details or getting stuck in your daily routine.

Benefits of working with me:
Depending on your situation, I offer solutions in the shortest time possible, with maximum efficiency, keeping the process clear and transparent.

As a rule, unforeseen situations arise when you change your country of residence. At these moments, the experience of a person freely navigating in an environment that is unusual for you will be welcome more than ever. I have been living in Portugal since 2011. During this long period I managed to face a huge number of various bureaucratic delays related to moving to a new home, contracts for renting and buying real estate, connecting utilities, repairs of various complexity, emergencies, insurance in real estate and health, school enrollment. At that time, I acted through trial and error, accumulating such useful experience, which I will be glad to share with you. To do so, I have created a database of proven and high-quality services, ranging from health and Wellness, cleaning companies, babysitting for a child or a pet, repair work suppliers, and much more. You do not have to risk your resources with unverified contractors: I will offer solutions, depending on your situation, in the shortest time possible, with maximum efficiency, keeping the process clear and transparent.

As a result, you will maintain positive emotions from moving to Portugal, entrusting me with solutions to administrative and organizational issues

Portugal is one of the most desirable countries to move to, enchanting people from all over the world with its pleasant climate, nature, architecture, ocean, and safety of life. However, one should not forget about the cultural and bureaucratic features of this country. The Portuguese nation is rather laid back, and urgency makes no part of priority. Meanwhile, telephone operators here are ready to answer you only in Portuguese…
In addition to being fluent in Portuguese, I have been studying how the local service system works, gaining practice in problem solving of any complexity in vital areas. I will take care of the communication with local services, while saving you time and peace of mind. As a result, you will maintain positive emotions from moving to Portugal, entrusting me with the solution of administrative and organizational issues.

Comprehensive moving services, solving challenges and individual tasks
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Briefly about me

I studied Economics at the Faculty of International Economics in Kyiv, then continued my career as an account manager in the advertising market. As a result of ten years of experience in leading international agencies (Havas Group, Saatchi & Saatchi), organizing advertising campaigns and events, I have gained solid practice, working with clients and partners, under tight deadlines and unforeseen situations.

I have been living in Lisbon since 2011. Here I studied Portuguese at the Faculdade de Letras at the Universidade de Lisboa, and worked for the Portuguese company Sonae Sierra. For the past five years, I have been working as an executive assistant at Bacardi-Martini Portugal, where my main responsibilities included helping my management from around the world, including relocating their families and settling in Portugal.

At the moment, having accumulated knowledge and skills, fluent spoken and written Portuguese, English, native Ukrainian and Russian, I assist people in moving to Portugal.

Based in Lisbon and happy to help with any questions you may have.

Write your request to me, and I will get in touch with you with an offer for your situation.