Golden Visa Portugal 2024 I Citizenship of Portugal by Investment

Golden Visa 2024

The Portuguese Golden Visa program was amended in 2023.
The government terminated all the options of the Golden Visa Program related to the real estate sector.

New investment opportunities are available

Portuguese Golden Visa benefits✨ :
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Powerful passport in 5 years
Minimum time required to stay in Portugal during this time
One of the most peaceful countries in the world
Free medical coverage
Free education
No discrimination
Political stability
Free movement
Food safety standards
Perfect weather
how it works

Start your Portuguese Golden Visa process

by transferring capital of €500,000 and purchasing shares in a non-real estate collective investment entity.

The current Portuguese immigration legislation allows investment in productive/ service-driven economic activities to get an EU Residency Card within 18 months after the investment, and Portuguese citizenship 5 years after the issue of the Residency Card.

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