Golden Visa Portugal 2024 I Citizenship of Portugal by Investment

Golden Visa 2024

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Portuguese Golden Visa benefits✨
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Powerful passport in 5 years
Minimum stay in Portugal: average of 7 days per year
One of the most peaceful countries in the world
Free medical coverage
Free education
No discrimination
Political stability
Free movement
Food safety standards
Perfect weather
how it works

Start your Portuguese Golden Visa process

by transferring capital of €500,000 and purchasing participation units in a non-real estate collective investment entity.

The current Portuguese immigration legislation allows investment in productive/ service-driven economic activities to get an EU Residency Card within 18 months after the investment, and Portuguese citizenship 5 years after the issue of the Residency Card.

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Mercan Hospitality Investment Funds

Get your EU residence permit by investing in an equity fund

Commitment to the Mercan funds is designed to be in line with the prerequisites of the Portuguese Golden Visa program, with a minimum investment amount of 500,000€, providing an attractive avenue for investors seeking Portuguese residency benefits along with financial returns.
Additionally, the Mercan Funds underscore investor confidence with a buyback option, enhancing investment security.
The Fund is not a real estate fund, its activity qualifies it as a venture capital investment.


The Fund will hold majority stakes in three companies operating in Portugal’s hospitality and tourism sector.

Mercan Hospitality Investment Funds


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Participants' minimum investment:
EUR 500.000 to qualify for the golden visa

Fund size:
EUR 140M

Return on investment:
2% (expected)

Minimum investment term:
6 Years

Guaranteed buyback by Mercan:
From year 6 onwards

Fund manager: FINPROP

About Mercan

Mercan Group, founded in 1989 in Canada, excels in deep market insight, coupled with over 30 years of expertise in consultancy, education, and immigration through investment, which is the foundation of our success.

Mercan chose Portugal for the development of its activities in Europe since 2015 because of the safety, stability, and hospitality that the country offers, as well as the opportunities in urban rehabilitation for tourism purposes. In Mercan Group’s assessment, the Portuguese market continues to have growth potential, and the group is committed to the goal of creating wealth and jobs through the rehabilitation of assets for the development of hotel projects. In Portugal, Mercan is responsible for the investment and development of 31 projects within the hospitality sector across the country with a portfolio of €1.2 billion value.

Our unique investments emphasize Mercan’s commitment to Portugal's tourism sector through foreign investment, driving economic growth in the country and ensuring the best hospitality with unparalleled expertise and prime quality.Mercan Group's extensive global network spans over 30 countries and this wide-reaching presence underlines our commitment to offering superior services with a team of experts in the immigration and consultancy sector.

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Mercan's achievement in Portugal

EUR Total Investment
total investors
hotels in Portugal
employees in Portugal

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conducted in January 2022


Mercan’s Properties (31 hotels in Portugal by March 2024)
Opened Hotels
Portugal media about Mercan's projects
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