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Francisco David

I work as a realtor in a real estate agency. So I know the real estate market professionally in Lisbon.

In 2021, I completed 21 real estate transactions with a total value of 5.2 million euros.

In 2019, I sold 9 properties with a total value of 2.6 million euros.

AMI License 9534

Choose one of the consultation packages that suits you.
Service package “Standard”
  • Coordination of all actions from the search to the purchase of the object;
  • Selection of suitable areas for the purchase of your property;
  • Coordination of the form and process of buying real estate;
  • Preparation of the purchase price calculation:
  • taxes;
  • registration of ownership.
  • Preparation of the cost of maintenance of the property;
  • Consultation on the terms of a mortgage loan;
  • Advice on the process of renting a property.
“Plus” package
  • Includes “Standard” package
  • Preparation of a preliminary list of objects, according to the specified requirements
  • Analysis of documents for obtaining a mortgage loan and preparing bank proposals.

In my work, I try to treat each object of purchase from the owner's point of view and not a realtor who closes the deal and forgets about it.

I speak English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian. I am Portuguese, and I know the peculiarities of Portuguese.

I will be with you from the very beginning of cooperation: from the search for the property you need to the conclusion of the transaction and after-sales support.

Why you can trust me:

  • I will be able to find for you a dream resort house, a profitable investment, or a purchase of a real estate for a golden visa (residence permit);
  • I will accompany all your property viewings and final negotiations. Always representing your interests;
  • I will analyze the documents and check the history of the object you have chosen. My lawyer partners will ensure the security of your contracts;
  • My financial partners, if necessary, will provide you with the best credit conditions.
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