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A journey through the ages, culture, and love for life in Lisbon

Individual tour
3 h.


for 1-5 persons

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What to expect

Yellow tram, Pastel de Belem, and Vasco da Gama, what else do you know about this sunny country? I invite you to dive into the very heart of the great empire and view Lisbon from the most unimaginable angles.

Our journey through the centuries will allow us to see the city of the 1st century, and we will touch the Roman theater. Let's walk the route of the crusaders and re-liberate Lisbon! We will stay a bit on the observation deck and try the best coffee!

Going down to the river along the tiny streets of the old city, we seem to be going back 10 centuries. Someone's underwear will still hang outside the window, and the "guard" of his house will be sitting on the porch and talking about something with a neighbor. And from the next door, we will be offered to try Jinja! As before, a mechanical laundry works on a small lane - the oldest and still functioning in Europe.

And now we have traveled in time again, and great geographical discoveries are already waiting for us! We will find out how it all began and how Portugal became the wealthiest country in Europe. We will again experience and wait for the great Vasco de Gama to the melodic sounds of Fado.

Sure, we will not forget about the earthquake, and together we will see how much damage it brought to Lisbon. Let's explore new areas and find out who rebuilt the city!

And for a snack, we will definitely try the famous Pastel de Belem and some green wine!

See you soon in sunny Lisbon.

Thank you for your interest in my tour
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