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Templars Secrets

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8 h.


for 1-8 persons

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The legendary knightly Order of the Knights Templar is forever imprinted in the history of Europe. Fervent Catholics, courageous crusaders, premature bankers. In Portugal, they helped expel the Arabs and were later forced to settle under a new name, the Order of Christ, to hide from the fury of the Vatican.

Touch the secret of the legendary knights and, perhaps, find the treasures of the Knights Templar together with a professional guide, Stas Menshov. You will meet in the morning at your hotel and drive in a comfortable 6-seat air-conditioned car to Almourol Castle, 130 km from Lisbon. This unique fortress stands on an island in the middle of the Tashu River. The castle itself can only be reached by boat.

Then you will go to the city of Tomar, where you will see the monastery of the order and try to solve the multiple encrypted messages left by the Templars in the decor of the religious building.

You will dine in an atmospheric tavern with menus typical of the Middle Ages and taste a traditional local dessert.

You will immerse yourself in political intrigues, the secrets of the church, the crimes and exploits of the famous order, and, sure, discover its contribution to the independence of Portugal. All that is in an easy, non-academic form, mixed with fun facts from history and stories about the life of modern Portuguese. Stas came to this country at a young age, so he is familiar with the traditions and oddities of the local culture firsthand.

A tour of the places of life of the Knights Templar in Portugal will be an exciting experience for people of all ages. Everyone will find something unforgettable in it. And, of course, you will take many pictures of beautiful places or memorable objects that you will remember for a lifetime.

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Organizational details

Six-seater comfort class car

Entrance tickets, tastings, and other additional costs are not included in the price of the tour.

Up to 3 people – 350€

Each next person +35€


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