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Charming Sintra, Cascais and suburbs

Individual tour
8 h.


for 1-8 persons

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Starting from Lisbon, we begin a journey in a six-seater air-conditioned car. Specialized guide Stas will tell the story of the origin and emergence of Sintra, which Lord Byron himself called the "Garden of Eden", and others called it "the most beautiful village in the world."

Walking in the center of Sintra, along the streets and gardens of Eden, you will feel the magic and mystery that comes from all the palaces, buildings, and effects of this place.

The National Palace of Sintra is the best-preserved Royal Palace in the country, with its Manueline and Arabic style. Or it is taking a walk along romantic and mysterious places such as Quinta da Regaleira, whose beautiful gardens, lakes, and caves hide esoteric meanings, including symbols of Masonry and the Knights Templar.

And also, from the center of the national natural park, you can find the romantic and beautiful Pena Palace and discover an exotic abundance of styles per the tastes of romanticism. It seems that Pena came out of a fairy tale.

Located about 500 meters above sea level and declared a World Heritage by UNESCO, it is the main monument of the cultural landscape of Sintra.

And having visited Cabo da Roca, the westernmost point of continental Europe, you can freely say that you were in the same place where Luis de Camões himself composed the following words in his book Lusiadas: "here, almost the top of all Europe, the kingdom of Lusitania where the land ends and the sea begins".

Descending the mountain along the path of James Bond himself towards Cascais, we find ourselves in the Portuguese Riviera, which was the place of exile for many royal families and European nobility for several generations.

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Organizational details

comfort class passenger car, 1-3 people for 250 euros;

4-6 people for 300 euros.

Driver-guide: English, Portuguese, Spanish

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