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Along unexplored paths

Individual tour
8 h.


for 2-6 persons

Number of participants

What to expect

The day will start with a visit to the beautiful 'Bride's Veil' waterfall in a picturesque park of old watermills. From there, the descent through the canyons will begin. On this day we will need swimwear and towels.

It's like a natural water park surrounded by genuine beauty! On São Miguel Island, you'll have a lot of fun and get a dose of adrenaline while canyoning!

Canyoning will be done in properly equipped areas for these purposes and according to high technical requirements.

During the canyoning, we will encounter different water obstacles, such as vertical obstacles (waterfalls), to be overcome by descending technique. There are also more accessible areas where you can try sliding/jumping (a height of about 4 meters).

After this ocean of emotions, we suggest enjoying a picnic of regional products in silence in one of the most beautiful places on the island, among the exotic plants and unexplored trails.

Finally, if the weather permits and you wish, you can swim in the ocean at one of the island's most beautiful beaches or finish the day by bathing in the hot waters of the thermal pools.

Thank you for your interest in my tour
Organizational details

Price: €300/2 persons



Canyoning equipment,

Picnic of local products


Entrance to the park if you wish to swim in the thermal pools


Depending on your wishes, the tour can last half a day or a whole day.

You need to bring:





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