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Dialogue with Lisbon in the language of street art

Individual tour
2 h.


for 1-6 persons

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What to expect

The street art of Lisbon is not a forbidden underground but a dynamic environment that shapes the face of the city along with yellow trams and azulejo tiles. By tuk-tuk, we will ride along selected masterpieces of street art in the center of Lisbon and the hard-to-reach neighborhoods of Beato and Marvil, and along the way, we will talk about this phenomenon of urban culture.

On a tuk-tuk, we will ride through the historical center and periphery of Lisbon and explore the city from the perspective of street art. From Piazza Luis Camões we will go to Beato, where you will see the creations of the legendary Lisbon Bordalo II, who, with the help of the most beautiful installations made of garbage, talks to society about environmental problems and pollution that people create. Then we will go to Marvila, a quiet place with an impressive view of the Tagus River, where the city's street art festival takes place. And the main objects of our attention will be the works of Bordalo II from the Big Trash Animals series, Poseidon guarding the city port, and other iconic graffiti of Lisbon.

Exploring the colorful streets, you will see how closely and organically street art is integrated into the urban space of Lisbon. We will talk about the place of street art in modern Portuguese culture. We will talk about current topics, from politics to ecology, to which Lisbon graffiti is devoted. In addition, I will talk about the Crono project, which encourages artists to turn abandoned buildings into urban galleries and brings Lisbon closer to being the European capital of street art.

This promenade is suitable for everyone who wants to see the living face of Lisbon, as well as for connoisseurs of the underground and street art.

Thank you for your interest in my tour
Organizational details

The tour is organized on a tuk-tuk: this transport will allow us to cover the center of Lisbon and its outskirts.

Private tour:

  • 1-3 people - 100€
  • 4-6 people - 160€


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