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A lost town on the edge of the earth

Individual tour
3 h.


for 1-6 persons

Number of participants


What to expect

Have you ever heard of the lost town at the world's edge? I will present it to you with pleasure: Cascais! A fantastic town, a Fisherman's Village, and a resting place for kings in the past.

We will walk along the small streets, see all the coziest beaches and we can even swim. Beautiful castles and palaces, followed by tiny English houses and the endless ocean, are waiting for us here. Here you can take the best Portuguese ice cream, sit on the waterfront, and enjoy the beauty.

You will find out who stayed here for their summer holidays, why there are so many monuments in the city and to whom they are all dedicated. And, of course, you will enjoy delicious landscapes and spicy palaces! And for a snack, we will walk along the shady routes of the royal garden and feed the peacocks!

The most persistent of you can climb the functioning lighthouse and find out how it works! And you can even look into the jaws of the devil!

Thank you for your interest in my tour
Organizational details

We will start near the station in Cascais or near the Cais do Sodre station and take the train to Cascais (40 minutes approximately), the fare is 3 euros per person

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