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Conquer Lisbon under sail

Individual tour
2 h.


for 1-4 persons

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What to expect

A sailboat trip is a perfect way to see Lisbon from a seaside perspective. You will see the symbols of the Belém district and the vivid panoramas of the historical center, the April 25 Bridge, and the famous statue of Christ. And all this is accompanied by some Portuguese wine, the coolness of the Tagus River, and exciting stories about the discoverers.

From one of the docks in the Belém area, we will sail the waves of the Tagus. First of all, you will admire postcard views of the ship-shaped Monument to the Discoverers, the Manueline tower of Belém, and the snow-white lace facade of the Jeronimos Monastery. Then, with a glass of excellent wine, you will sail past the iconic panoramas of the historic center of Lisbon - you will see the ensemble of Commerce Square, the National Pantheon, the Cais do Sodre station, the newly renovated promenade, and the Museum of Electricity. On the southern bank of the Tagus, we will see the forts and prisons used in the time of Salazar, marveling at the beauty of the scarlet bridge on April 25 and the scale of the statue of Christ. Get ready to take dozens of unique and unconventional pictures and watch the most beautiful sunset over Lisbon.

Viewing the city from a maritime perspective, we will be transported to the 16th century - the era when Portugal conquered the oceans. You will learn why the Portuguese were the greatest discoverers, who discovered Brazil, and how little Portugal became the heart of an extensive empire. And for those who want to get even more into the spirit of navigation, we will show you how to adjust the sails on the boat and perform maneuvers.

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Organizational details

The tour cost includes a bottle of good wine, aperitifs - fruits and the well-known pastries de Belem.

Dinner on a sailboat can be booked for an additional fee.

Duration: 3-3.5 hours

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