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Photo-tour in Lisbon

Individual tour
2-3 h.


for 1-2 persons

Number of participants

What to expect

So what is a photo-tour?

A photo-tour is a calm walk through the historical streets of Lisbon with some small picture sessions of the brightest, most beautiful, and most unusual places.

You will find out how Lisbon began and why the houses are tiled.

What did the crusaders do in Lisbon, how did the study of seismic activity of the Earth begin, how did tea appear in Europe, and much more. Then, we will try the most delicious bastel and take a picture with some flower ice cream. All this will be flavored with hot sun and ocean wind.

The best city views and a fascinating picture from your vacation are guaranteed!

Thank you for your interest in my tour
Organizational details
  • 1-2 persons - 80€
  • 3 persons - 90€
  • 4 persons - 100€
  • 5-6 persons - 110€

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