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Conquering Lisbon by Tuk-Tuk

Individual tour
4 h.


for 1-6 persons

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What to expect

Conquering mountainous Lisbon

As the Portuguese, led by Enriques Alfonso, once tried to recapture Lisbon from the Moors, we will drive through the steepest mountains and climb to the highest observation deck! First, we will look into the old Roman theater and be able to consider where the history of Lisbon began carefully. Then, smoothly climbing up, we will make many essential stops and look into the church, the walls of which keep the history on the very tilework "Azulejo".

And after riding the "roller coaster" down, we will slowly walk through the city's ancient streets, where we will taste the Portuguese cherry liqueur Jinju. And if we are lucky, we will find the oldest laundry in Europe in functioning condition, and we will be able to consider the entire process of washing clothes.

Our trip will not end there. Moving along the river, we will look at the central Commerce Square and find out where the elephant came from! Of course, we will not miss any district in central Lisbon and even climb the famous Santa Justa elevator without queuing!

Are you ready? Then hurry up to jump into the Tuk-Tuk!

Thank you for your interest in my tour
Organizational details

There may be more people, but the second Tuk-Tuk is available in English, though, Russian is available at all stops with me

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